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cafe_sketchCAFE PHOENIX
Carol and Erick
(510) 883-0783
website: www.phoenixpasta.com

Suite# 109
Diners can enjoy a delectable meal or a beverage or snack on the brick patio on the edge of Strawberry Creek Park or in the cozy dining room. "The Phoenix Pastificio was founded in 1995 on Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley. For a number of years we ran a café at this location and presently still service 150 restaurants/ stores throughout the Bay Area.  We have been attending farmers' markets since 2000, starting with the markets in Berkeley, and now attend 15 year-round and 3-5 seasonal farmers' markets.

e-mail: ask@phoenixpasta.com

Jenny Yu
(510) 549-3584


Suite# 210
Jason Kaldis Architect, Inc. specializes in the remodeling and updating of older homes and the design of new homes. The work is primarily situated in the East Bay, however the firm has projects throughout the Bay Area with works on residential to small scale office/retail projects.

e-mail: JennyYu@jkaldisarchitect.com

taxsmallTAX PLUS
Karl Wilson
(510) 843-0951
website: www.taxplus.net

Suite# 100
We have been in business and worked with for 30 years providing bookkeeping, tax, and financial management services tailored to meet the needs of business clients. Our services are designed to make your job easier and provide you with more time to focus on building your business. We keep abreast of tax law changes throughout the year to ensure that you are taking advantage of ALL tax incentives.

We offer a FREE ½ hour consultation for business owners. Call us today at 510-843-0951.

e-mail: service@taxplus.net

tree-woodcut-smallBERKELEY FOREST SCHOOL

(510) 592-4440
website: www.berkeleyforestschool.org

Suite# 101
Berkeley Forest School is based on fundamental humanitarian principles, as well as respect for children and their ability to construct their own knowledge. Children have the right to play, explore, and take risks, while conscious of their connection to the invigoratingly complex natural world we share.

e-mail: info@berkeleyforestschool.org

Joe Lambert
(510) 548-2065
website: www.storycenter.org

Suite# 103
We create spaces for transforming lives and communities, through the acts of listening to and sharing stories. Since 1993, we have partnered with organizations around the world on projects in StoryWork, digital storytelling, and other forms of digital media production. Our selection of public workshops supports individuals in creating and sharing stories.

e-mail: info@storycenter.org

Maria Rohlsson
(510) 841-3000
website: www.tencue.com

Suite# 110
Tencue Productions, Inc. is a full service event production and consulting company focused on live interactions between individuals and groups. We understand how people communicate across media and platforms, and we understand strategic and brand alignment. With roots in performing arts and social sciences plus twenty years of experience in live corporate events, Tencue brings a unique perspective to every project. Working with a network of designers, technicians, and managers, our production team develops an event that excites the audience while promoting the proper message and image.

e-mail: maria@tencue.com

Will Tams
(510) 725-4244
website: www.thecollectivespark.com

Suite# 105
The Collective Spark is a growing network of creative professionals and client partners converging to make a positive impact on the world through design. The Collective Spark is a San Francisco Bay Area Design Studio. We believe in collaboration and connectivity. We believe that the power of the “we” can create the most impactful and unexpected solutions.

e-mail: connect@thecollectivespark.com

David Zhang
website: www.bio-g.com

Suite# 107
Bioproduction Group are experts in biopharmaceutical operations. We’ve worked with some of the world’s largest biopharmaceutical manufacturers, analyzing data from literally hundreds of data sources including chromatography skids, DeltaV, PI, SAP and many other historians.

e-mail: info@bio-g.com

Pam Fischer
(510) 540-8010
website: www.ohlonecenter.org

Suite# 113
Based in Berkeley, California, Ohlone Herbal Center is committed to educating healers into successful careers as practicing herbalists and herbal educators through the study and practice of traditional Western herbalism. Established in 1995, Ohlone Herbal Center is a leading educational and clinical center for sustainable systems of Western herbal­-based healing. Based on time-­honored traditions practiced worldwide, Western herbalism provides critical healing solutions to economic, physical, mental, and spiritual challenges in a changing healthcare environment. Offering a comprehensive, integrated education in Western herbal medicine and practice, we are one of very few schools nationwide with clinical internships in Western herbalism.

e-mail: ohlonecenter@gmail.com

website: dropr.com

Suite# 204

An easy portfolio that looks the same on every device. Design it once and it always looks beautiful, nobody's done it before. Easier to Use. Don't you feel that sharing finished artwork online is a bit of a pain? Try our way, we've just released the easiest beautiful online portfolio ever. And it's free.

e-mail: cristian@dropr.com

Jason Kaldis
website: www.amplive.us

Suite# 208
We play nice with your online video provider. Plug in your channel ID from any of our supported partners. Bring your own online video provider and we will do the rest. Build your audience experience. Incorporating social, want to drive lead generation or target based on weather or the stock market? Our creative team is here to help you build the most attention grabbing experience possible.

e-mail: www.amplive.us

Randi Thomson-Story
(510) 524-5405 x. 112

website: www.homeenergy.org

Suite# 211B
Back in the 1980s, our founding editor Alan Meier saw a missing link between the latest science in the home energy field and the tools and techniques used by residential building professionals.

Our mission at Home Energy continues to be providing reliable, up-to-date information on energy-efficient products and best practices in home performance, energy efficiency, comfort, health, and affordability.

e-mail: contact@homeenergy.org

(510) 4104782
website: www.mahavana.dhamma.org

Suite# 212
Traditionally, Vipassana was taught in retreats lasting seven weeks. With the dawning of the 20th century, the teachers of this tradition began to experiment with shorter times to suit the quickening pace of life. They tried thirty days, two weeks, ten days, down to seven days--and they found that less than ten days is not enough time for the mind to settle down and work deeply with the mind-body phenomenon.

e-mail: announce-east-bay-subscribe@mahavana.dhamma.org

R. Gary Black
(510) 665-9633
website: www.integratedstructures.com

Suite# 214
Integrated Structures Incorporated pursues a unique vision in its development, design and construction work. The company and its people are committed to creating high-quality buildings with authentic character and palpable spirit. I.S.I. has provided design solutions for new constructiion, renovation and retrofit projects since 1982.

e-mail: cullen_burda@integratedstructures.com

David Collier
(510) 848-6026
website: www.studiobfilms.com

Studio# B
Studio B Films is a creative agency and full service video production company serving the San Francisco Bay Area and Beyond. We are a team of writers, designers, animators, editors, directors and filmmakers united under one roof by our love of storytelling. With over 20 years of experience partnering with brands and agencies, we specialize in creating compelling and beautifully crafted stories to engage our clients customers. We approach every project with the same goal: to make our client’s message unforgettable. And we achieve this with bold ideas, uncompromising creativity, technical excellence – it’s what we love to do and we have a tried-and-true process.

e-mail: davidc@studiobfilms.com

hurd_thacher_lgTHACHER HURD
Thacher Hurd
(510) 845-4005

Studio# D
Hurd then went on to study at the University of California at Berkeley and the California College of Arts and Crafts, receiving his BFA in 1972. Working as a builder, designer, and cabinetmaker after graduation, Hurd set his sights on being a “serious” artist. Still lifes, landscapes, and figure drawing held little magic for him, however, and soon he gave in and began writing and illustrating his own picture books.

e-mail: · artdog1@attbi.com


Claudia Welss of Berkeley, California is founder/executive director of NextNow Collaboratory, a 'collaboration laboratory' matching needs with resources to benefit social projects that use information-visualization tools for raising awareness about the relationship between human activity and Earth changes, and collaboration tools to mobilize collective action in response to the raised awareness. (See NNC Digital Earth ISDE5 for an example)

Catherine Coates
(510) 486-1204

Studio# E


Past Tennants

Michele Manning
(510) 644-2240
website: www.michelemanning.com

Fine Artist - Michele searches the Bay Area and France for images that excite her, and uses soft pastel to capture the life and energy in her uniquely colorful Impressionistic style. She has won awards as a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of the West Coast, has graced the cover of "The Monthly" eight times, and is represented by the prestigious Louis Aronow Gallery in San Francisco and Sausalito. She participates in Pro Arts Open Studios and Berkeley Artisans Holiday Open Studios.

e-mail: michele@michelemanning.com